From 2008 to 2018, Sazmanab was an art space and residency program based in various locations in Tehran.
1. About
1.1. Team
1.1.1. Interns and volunteers
2. Venues
2.1. Sazman-e Ab St. (2008-2014)
2.2. Moayyer St. (2014-2016)
2.3. Khaghani St. (2014-2016)
2.3.1. Sazmanab-Ab/Anbar (2014-2015)
2.4. Off-site (2008-2018)
3. Programs
4. Residencies
5. Presentations and participation
6. Library
7. Digital Archives
7.1. Video Library
8. Sazmanab TV
9. Live-stream
10. Press
11. Credits / Acknowledgements
*. Sazmanab after (Sazmanab ⧚ Water Dept.)


Sazmanab started as an art space and residency program in Tehran in 2008 by artist-curator Sohrab Kashani. Sazmanab created curatorial projects and supported artistic work in a wide range of media through exhibitions, residencies for artists, curators and researchers, workshops, and talks.
Sazmanab was originally based in Kashani's apartment in Sadeghiyeh district in the western part of Tehran directly across the street from Tehran’s Department of Water (English translation of Farsi Sazmanab).
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1.1. TEAM

Founding Director: Sohrab Kashani
Curator: Sohrab Kashani
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Interns and volunteers took an active role in the work that went into Sazmanab's activities, as well as assisting with the development of public programs. Depending on a candidate’s interests and abilities, duties included research assistance and coordinating and publicising events.
Interns and volunteers:
Anita Esfandiari (2008-09)
Shirin Rezaee (2008-09)
Mehdi Alizadeh (2009-10)
Reza Asadi (2009-12)
Shahrzad Amri (2011)
Feren C (2012)
Soraya Sharghi (2012)
Atousa Khalaj (2012)
Maryam Taghavi (2012)
Orkideh Rezapour (2012-13)
Deanna Kashani (2013)
Manzar Samii (2014)
Cornelia Harper Tang (2014)
Ziba Jassemi (2014)
Namdar Shirazian (2014)
Mahsa Biglow (2015)
Elshan Azadi (2015)
Homa Ershad Sarabi (2015)
Mostafa Ebadollahi (2015)
Houman Amiri (2015)
Amirhosein Sadat Hoseini (2015)
Mohammad Zarrinmehr (2015)
Afra Mirfarsi (2015)
Lydia Hauth (2015)
Zahra Yousefi (2015)
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Over the years, Sazmanab was located in different locations in Tehran and had also held some of its programming off-site in collaboration with other art spaces and venues.
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2.1. SAZMAN-E AB ST. (2008-2014)

In 2008 and when first opened, Sazmanab was located in a small apartment (Sohrab’s home-studio), directly across the street from Tehran’s Department of Water for the Sadeghiyeh district. In 2009, Sazmanab expanded into a fully functioning project space where a variety of events and activities were held in collaboration with local and international artists and curators. In 2010, Sazmanab was renovated for the first time. This included the blocking of the apartment's windows. The windows were still visible from outside the apartment.
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2.2. MOAYYER ST. (2014-2016)

In late 2013 and while preparing to move Sazmanab to a new location in downtown Tehran, Kashani moved into a new apartment close to the future venue of Sazmanab. After Sazmanab reopening in its new location in downtown Tehran, Kashani hosted a number of events at his new apartment on Moayyer street.
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2.3. KHAGHANI ST. (2014-2016)

In early 2014, Sazmanab began the relocation process to an old building on Khaghani street near Darvaze Dolat in downtown Tehran. The neighbourhood was made up of wood shops, car repair shops, and warehouses. Kashani together with his soon-to-be partner at Ab/Anbar (a gallery which later he co-founds and co-directs in the same building) Salman Matinfar and his friend Abbas Vahedi acquired the building on Khaghani street. Sazmanab had its reopening and the launch of the new Ab/Anbar Gallery in October 2014 with an exhibition by Iranian-born artist Babak Golkar.
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2.3.1 SAZMANAB-AB/ANBAR (2014-2015)

Ab/Anbar co-founded by Kashani and collector Salman Matinfar in October 2014, started as a commercial art gallery hosting (and at times co-hosting with Sazmanab) exhibitions by Iranian artists from the diaspora. Ab/Anbar was located on the first floor of the Sazmanab-Ab/Anbar building and Sazmanab set up it's programming on the second and third floors and in the basement of the building. Sazmanab-Ab/Anbar opened its doors in October 2014 with an exhibition by Iranian-born artist Babak Golkar curated by independent curator Elham Puriyamehr. Later, Sazmanab and Ab/Anbar collaboratively set up exhibitions by artists Anahita Razmi and Reza Aramesh. After the Reza Aramesh's exhibition in 2015, the two Ab/Anbar founders-directors split. After their split and throughout 2015, Kashani continued his programming of Sazmanab in the same building. In early 2016, Sazmanab held its last exhibition in the Khaghani building - the Tehran retrospective of Harun Farocki, curated by Reza Haeri.
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2.4. OFF-SITE (2008-2018)

Over the years, Sazmanab has held part of its programming off-site in collaboration with other art spaces and art galleries.
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Sazmanab set up more than a hundred events and exhibitions at its venues and in off-site locations. Events included talks, presentations, lectures, panels, discussions, workshops, performances, screenings, book launches, and audio/visual performances.
- Programs
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Sazmanab was the first open-call residency program in Tehran. While some residents were housed in the apartment where Sazmanab was located, other residents were provided with living and working space in other areas of Tehran. Sazmanab hosted more than twenty artists and curators in residence.
Susann Wintsch (curator, 2011)
Slavs and Tatars (artist collective, 2011)
Tanaz Modabber (artist, 2012)
Hiwa K (artist, 2012)
Sandra Skurvida (curator, 2012)
Katharina Stadler (artist, 2012)
Maryam Taghavi (artist, 2012)
Nesli Gül (curator, 2012)
Kardelen Fincancı (artist, 2012)
İsmail Egler (artist, 2012)
Rybon International Artists’ Workshop (artists, 2012)
Daniel Kötter (artist, 2012)
Anahita Razmi (artist, 2012)
Ben Puah (artist, 2013)
Ksenia Sorokina (artist, 2014)
Lena Lapschina (artist, 2014)
Manuel Buerger (graphic designer, 2014)
Mette Juul (artist, 2014)
Reza Aramesh (artist, 2014)
Thomas Jeppe (artist, 2015)
Ala Ebtekar (artist, 2015)
Jon Rubin (artist, 2015)
Mark Allen (artist, 2015)
Dejan Kaludjerović (artist, 2015)
Julie Vayssière (artist, 2015)
Marie-Line van Vuuren (artist, 2015)
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Sazmanab held talks and presentations at universities, museums, and institutions and took part in international panels, seminars, and forums.
- Presentations and participation
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Sazmanab's library held a variety of books, journals, and other publications related to the arts, cultural discourses, and social sciences. While there was an assortment of texts, there were specific sections dedicated to art history, monographs on artists, and exhibition catalogues featuring the work of artists from Iran, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. The library also contained the publications produced by Sazmanab. Sazmanab was e-flux's official distributor in Iran since 2011 and printed several of its journals.
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The Digital Archives of Sazmanab includes the documentation of all Sazmanab's projects and events, archived CCTV footage of Sazmanab, and Sazmanab's video and film archive “Sazmanab Video Library”.
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Sazmanab Video Library (originally: Lost in Teh(e)ran, Tehran Video Forum) was a database of Iranian video work and film formed by Sazmanab in 2011 and made public in 2012. Founded in 2011, Sazmanab Video Library was an innovative platform for artists working with video and film. Since its inception, the mission of Sazmanab Video Library was to collect and catalogue a large variety of different works that were made available for screenings, exhibitions, and acquisitions. The database was a resource for artists, educational institutions, museums, galleries, and cultural centres.
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Sazmanab TV (active from 2011 to 2013) was launched in 2011. Sazmanab TV featured exhibitions, visited artist studios, and made interviews with artists in Tehran part of its program.

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Sazmanab's exhibition openings and events were sometimes streamed live. Viewers were able to chat and comment online as broadcast happened.
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Sazmanab was featured in numerous news articles and in journals, magazines, and websites.
- Press clippings
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Photos courtesy of Sazmanab, taken by Mehdi Alizadeh, Farhad Bahram, Mahsa Biglow, Anita Esfandiari, Amirali Ghasemi, Haleh Ghasemi, Kiana Hayeri, Ziba Jassemi, Sohrab Kashani, Atousa Khalaj, Keiman Mahabadi, Omid Mehdizadeh, Maryam Mohammadi, Parichehr Momtahan, Siavash Naghshbandi, Shirin Rezaee, Orkideh Rezapour, Setareh Soheili, and others.

Graphic Design: Sohrab Kashani
Website Design and Development: Sohrab Kashani

Off-site venues and hosting partners in Tehran: Aaran Gallery, Azad Gallery, Charsoo Art Institute, Dastan's Basement, KAAF Institute, Mohsen Gallery, Silk Road Gallery, among others.

Sazmanab thanks all interns and volunteers, and everyone else who assisted and supported over the years.
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