Sazmanab 10

Cinétracts by Other Means: Notes from Tehran

Compass Trouble Again ⧚ Thomas Jeppe

A conversation with Shirana Shahbazi

Dynamic Encounters ⧚ Wafaa Bilal

Siting Performance ⧚ Richard Schechner

Molla Nasreddin ⧚ Slavs and Tatars

Beyond the Aesthetic and the Anti-Aesthetic ⧚ James Elkins

Kubideh Kitchen Skype Meal

An evening with Hiwa K and Aneta Szylak

Presentation by Abbas Akhavan

The Back Room Workshop

Of Labour, Of Dirt ⧚ Babak Golkar

Some Links, Some Projections ⧚ Anahita Razmi

A Portal Between New Haven & Tehran

Ala Ebtekar in conversation with Ahoo Najafian

Conversations: Iran