Artist Talk: Thomas Jeppe

28 Feb 2015

On the occasion of his exhibition at Sazmanab, Australian artist Thomas Jeppe spoke about his work and the process behind "Abstract Journalism"; a working methodology characterised by earnest research and willful divergence, structured by the belief that allegory and digression are the most effective modes for communicating cultural situations.

Thomas Jeppe, born in 1984 in Australia, holds a Masters Degree in Visual Arts from the Victorian College of Arts and an Honors degree in Cultural Studies from the University of Melbourne. Through painting, sculpture and publishing, Jeppe's work engages the social histories around cultural production. This usually involves the community and vernacular aesthetics, a gesture towards a setting for interaction, and loose attempts to formalize a theoretical position. Research and reconstruction form a large part of the work, and while a critical thread runs throughout, each piece is lined with the malleable currency of energy, curiosity, and propositional hyperbole. Recent shows include: Asian Aquiline, Sketch London (2014); Lost in Connotation, Conradi Hamburg (2014); Picture Movement, Utopian Slumps Melbourne (2014); Chateau Plais, The Duck Berlin (2014); Canary Comfortable, Die Diele Zurich (2014); Compass Trouble, Curro & Poncho Guadalajara (2014); Abstract Journalism, 032c Workshop Berlin (2014); Spring Revue, Utopian Slumps Melbourne (2014); Driving Fast Nowhere, Polansky Prague (2013); Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney (2013); Wet on Wet, Weingrüll Karlsruhe (2013).

Venue: Sazmanab (Khaghani St.)
February 28, 2015 – 6 PM