Re-Shape #1: Design/Code

06 Jul 2015

Re-shape Tehran aims to bring creative people from different fields who are interested in experimenting with technology together; artists, engineers, musicians, electricians, software developers, and others. This was the debut event for Re-Shape Tehran. This episode focused on the intersection between design and code.

Mehran Davari and Ramtin Taherian presented #CRAFT 2014: "CRAFT presents an extensive pedagogy of education with a concentration on new design tools and techniques, digital fabrication technologies and related design-research methodologies. While presenting the basic knowledge, CRAFT would try to utilize the theory in application through the realisation of ideas from one to one scale projects. In response to the changing parameters of the discipline and to qualify creative designers, CRAFT would try to computationally rethink architecture and fabrication technologies."

Ali Reza Memarian presented Let's Think Generative: "Creating complex geometry is the main idea of this presentation which is illustrated in some of my smaller projects. This geometry is designed with generative algorithms inspired from nature or routine events around us."

Ali Eslami presented Virtually copyright: "To be and stay in a surreal painting was all I ever wanted from this project in the beginning. This led me to the idea of reconstructing paintings by Belgian painter Rene Magritte. Observing and experiencing these paintings in a virtual world pushes the audience one more step away from the “reality” that Magritte imagined in his works. In this presentation, I will explain in detail the different aspects of this project including the idea, design, and the technicalities. I will also speak about the troubles that copyright laws caused me and the development process after I publish a demo video of the project."

John Bardakos presented Biofeedback loops: "John Bardakos is an artist, technologist, animation professional and researcher. He combines traditional art and digital workflow with original ideas and effective problem-solving. He is currently involved in academic research in Fine Arts, and Virtual Reality. John, being in the art and production field for quite a long time, guarantees a unique and reliable result in both scientific, and art form."

Venue: Sazmanab (Khaghani St.)
July 6, 2015 – 8:30 PM