Artist Talk: Marco Djermaghian

10 Jun 2015

On the occasion of his recent exhibition at Sazmanab, Marco Djermaghian spoke about the idea of one to one scale through tactile materiality, the act of making things and its relation to the scale of architecture, and through events in the city, the act of learning things and its relation to the urban scale.

Marco Djermaghian aka Marco Say is an Architect who lives and works between Tehran and Kashan. He aspires to become a Hip-Hop Artist/Guru/Gardener while immersing himself in the Moving Image. In 2012 he started the design of “The House of Shams” which is an Art & Architecture Project centred around the 13th Century Poet and Mystic Jalal-al-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī aka Rumi. The House of Shams is a Split Institution, with two physical structures: one in Kashan and one in Tehran. The Primary aim of the Institution is more or less clear: It is the development of research around the writings of Rumī through new translations and seminars in the form of books, publications, podcasts, Skype talks, portals, recordings and videos. The Secondary aim of the Institution is rather obscure: It proposes a Journey through Contemporary Culture and Metropolitan Life with Rumī as a Guide, Critic, Partner, Commentator and Agent Provocateur.

Venue: Sazmanab (Khaghani St.)
June 10, 2015 – 5 PM