Distance ⧚ Farhad Kalantary

27 Nov 2014

Farhad Kalantary talked about his recent exhibition at Sazmanab.

Farhad Kalantary, born in Tabriz (Iran, 1962), is an artist and curator whose work focuses on film and video. He studied video and filmmaking at Laney College, Oakland (1987-90), San Francisco State University (BA, 1992), and the San Francisco Art Institute (MFA, 1996). Kalantary is now based in Oslo, Norway. Working primarily with non-narrative imagery, Kalantary’s works combine the autobiographical with an investigation of the formal and historical aspects of his media. His works indicate an exploration of the sense and experience of time and place. Kalantary’s works have exhibited in various international film festivals, galleries, museums and TV broadcasts in the US and Europe. The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm and The Arts Council of Norway feature his works in their collections. Kalantary's recent works include a major solo exhibition at The Stenersen Museum in Oslo where he displayed a twenty-screen video installation in which he revisits locations from his childhood and family history in Iran and Morocco. Kalantary is also an independent curator/researcher. Ongoing projects include an in-depth study of the history of film/video art in Norway and an investigation of the geopolitics of artistic practices. Kalantary is the founder of TopFloor: Centre for Film/Video/Digital Art in Trondheim, 98-01, and since 2003 he has led the artist initiative Atopia: Film & Videokunst in Oslo.

Venue: Sazmanab (Khaghani St.)
November 27, 2014 – 3 PM