Beginnings of Conversations

20 Apr 2015

How does a conversation transform from an informal encounter to a public moment?

The evening proposed a public event with a group of artists-designers-students of the Dutch Art Institute and Werkplaats Typografie in conversation with Iranian artists living both in Tehran and abroad. It was the second step in the beginning of a set of conversations that started in Tehran. The first step took place in the form of a non-public work-gathering a few days before at Sazmanab to discuss keywords or fragments of thoughts in working groups. These keywords that stemmed from the conversations ranged from 'oikopolitics' (politics of the household) to democratisation, nationality, immigration, seeking asylum, citizenship, insider/outsider, among others. What remains informal from a conversation once it travels into public exposure? The evening did not intend to provide definite answers to these questions or keywords but to propose points of entry as well as various forms for transformation with the general public.

Venue: Sazmanab (Khaghani St.)
April 20, 2015 – 6 PM