Terrain ⧚ Tanaz Modabber

13 Jul 2012 - 23 Jul 2012

Exhibition by Tanaz Modabber (artist-in-residence)

Terrain was a performative installation inspired by the uncanny correlation between the natural and the artificial environment in Tehran. As the boundary between these environments, natural and artificial, has grown more ambiguous a new environment has been taking shape. This phenomenon was crystallised into a continuously shifting mesh landscape that is skewed in scale and formalised through the process of stitching. While exploring the visual characteristics and construction systems of the installation, special attention was given to the experience that Modabber creates for the viewers of the work.

Tanaz Modabber was born in Tehran, Iran. She studied at University of California, Berkeley and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture and a Master's degree in Architecture. She currently lives in Berlin where she has been creating a body of work that includes site-specific installations, intimate studio artworks, and architectural works.

Venue: Sazmanab (Sazman-e Ab St.)
July 13 – July 23, 2012 – 4-8 PM
Opening reception: Friday, July 13, 2012 – 4-9 PM

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