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Dialectic of Failure ⧚ Babak Golkar

Artist book featuring Vancouver-based visual artist Babak Golkar‘s installations “Dialectic of Failure”, “Time to Let Go…” and “Of Labour, Of Dirt”. The exhibitions were featured at West Vancouver Museum, Vancouver Art Gallery’s ‘Offsite’ location in downtown Vancouver and at Sazmanab-Ab/Anbar in Tehran.

Inset translucent pages with tracings echo the outlines of the Scream Pots, Babak’s works and allow for the reader to ‘piece’ together elements, evoking a visceral response to layers and form. The book is especially playful for the bilingual reader — the unconventional rotating layout of text and images invites user participation and interaction. The artist wedged clay onto each canvas book cover turns every book into a unique signature piece of art.

Published in conjunction with Babak Golkar’s exhibition at Sazmanab-Ab/Anbar and in collaboration with the West Vancouver Museum, Vancouver.

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