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Design and development:  Sohrab Kashani

Sazmanab at Electric Room

Sazmanab is being revived as a physical space it once was at the Dastan:Outside Electric Room in Tehran and will showcase some of Sazmanab’s old furniture, published materials, and other items together with random mash-ups of videos and documentation from Sazmanab’s programmes and its CCTV footage database over the course of 10 years.

Sazmanab at Electric Room is a collaboration of Sohrab Kashani and artist Siavash Naghshbandi.

Marking Electric Room’s 49th project — out of a total of 50 — the exhibition will be open to public view from September 14 to September 25, 2018. Electric Room will be closed during the religious holidays (September 19 and 20).

14-25 September 2018, 4-8 PM
Electric Room
Ghalamchi Dead End, Opposite Azad University, Felestin Street North, Tehran, Iran


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