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In partnership with

Curated by Larry Caveney and Sohrab Kashani
Organized in collaboration with GARAGE 4141

“Paradox” investigate the contradictions between documentary and performance, fact and fiction, order and chaos. What is real and what is staged? The absurdity of real life, the ambiguity of movement and the enigma of space are some of the perceptions raised in “Paradox”.

Krista Caballero, Arthur Tuoto, Ellen Lake, Ellen Mueller, Eric Knowles, Ezra Wube, Kim Engelen, Mel Edelman, Nisha Duggal, Richard Gleaves, Toby Kaufmann Buhler, John Anthony, Yoni Goldstein & Meredith Zielke, Angela Washko, Neil Ira Neddleman, Cara Marisa Deleon, Benjamin Funke, Shahar Marcus, Lauren Marsden and Juan José Herrera

December 7 – December 14, 2011, 4-8 pm
Opening reception: Wednesday, December 7, 2011 – 4-8 pm

Parallel venue:
Mohsen Gallery, Mina Blvd., Nadji St., Zafar, Tehran, Iran