Sazmanab is an artist-run project space and residency program in Tehran established in 2008. Sazmanab supports artistic work in a wide range of media through exhibitions and events, residencies for artists and curators, educational initiatives, workshops, talks, and publications. By establishing local and international relationships, as well as diversifying both the practitioners and audiences of contemporary art, Sazmanab aims to support and expand the knowledge, appreciation and practice of contemporary arts in Iran.


Founding Director
Sohrab Kashani

Sohrab Kashani

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Sazmanab seeks internship assistance with its website development, design, and public programming. To learn more, click here.


Sazmanab’s library has a variety of books, journals, and other publications related to social sciences and the arts. While there are an assortment of texts, there are specific sections dedicated to art history, monographs on artists, and exhibition catalogues featuring the work of artists from Iran, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. The library also contains the publications produced by Sazmanab.


Sazmanab (Persian for Department of Water) was founded in 2008 by artist and curator Sohrab Kashani and was originally based in Sadeghiyeh district in the Western part of Tehran. At the time, Sazmanab was located in a small apartment (Kashani’s home-studio), directly across the street from Tehran’s Department of Water for the Sadeghiyeh district.

In 2009, Sazmanab expanded into a fully functioning project space where a variety of events and activities were held in collaboration with local artists and curators. In 2010, Sazmanab renovated the work-space. Shortly after the refurbishment, Sazmanab began its residency program. While some resident artists were housed in the apartment where Sazmanab was located, other resident artists were provided with living and working space in other areas of Tehran. Since its official founding in 2008 and throughout 2011 and 2012 Sazmanab continued to focus on relationships with other institutions, museums, galleries, and curators outside Iran.

In early 2014, Sazmanab began the relocation process to an old building on Khaghani Street near Darvaze Dolat in downtown Tehran. Sazmanab had its reopening and the launch of its new Ab/Anbar gallery (co-founded and directed by Kashani) in October 2014 with an exhibition by Iranian-born artist Babak Golkar. In early 2015, Kashani left Ab/Anbar gallery but continued Sazmanab’s programming and activities in the Darvaze Dolat building. In late 2015, Kashani and Sazmanab moved out of the Darvaze Dolat building completely. Ab/Anbar gallery, no longer managed by Kashani and Sazmanab, continues to operate as a commercial art gallery in Sazmanab’s former building. As of 2016, Sazmanab creates projects and publications, and hosts exhibitions and events off-site in collaboration with other spaces and venues.

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