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Conversations: Iran

Dejan Kaludjerović’s first solo exhibition in Iran “Conversations – Iran” at Sazmanab presented six channel sound / site specific installation Sand Box from the series: Conversations: Hula-hoops, Elastics, Marbles and Sand. The “Conversations” series of […]

flüchtig ⧚ Katharina Stadler

The project ‘flüchtig’ [volatile/fugacious] aimed to explicitly follow the paths which were taken by previous visiting artists and curators on site. During the two-week residency at Sazmanab in Tehran Katharina Stadler walked those paths as […]

Sound Of IT

Curated by Larry Caveney, in the spirit of John Cage Artists: Annah Anti-Palindrome, Wes Chester, Osvaldo Cibils, Mark Eden, Anthony Elliott, Alex Godbold, Josh Goldman, Fritz Horstman, Nathan Hubbard, Travis Janssen, Chris Jones, Tina La […]