Tag: Performance

Art History ⧚ Julie Vayssière

For the first presentation of her performance “Art History” in Iran (after the Ricard Foundation in Paris and Schaufenster in Sélestat), Sazmanab artist-in-residence Julie Vayssière chose to work the way she always does; by asking […]

A Portal Between New York & Tehran

Portals are gold shipping containers with immersive audio and video technology inside. When you enter one, you come face-to-face with someone in the other container, full-body, and the two converse live as if in the […]

The Back Room Workshop

How do public spaces become politicised, privatised, inscribed with new meanings? How might artists, writers, and educators intervene in various spaces, and engage with new publics? How does the scale, location, and permanence of a […]

Short Grip ⧚ Maryam Taghavi

As a former Tehraner, Taghavi’s engagement with the city through materials and situations, atmospheres and activities that had once been neutral was vivified in discovering the ineptness permeating the public space. During her residency at […]

Performance As Sketchpad ⧚ Maryam Taghavi

Workshop on performance conducted by Maryam Taghavi (artist-in-residence) Performance as an art practice has helped artists investigate ideas before they made objects since the early 1900s, and a strong medium experimented on countless formal, social, […]

Dynamic Encounters ⧚ Wafaa Bilal

Facilitated by Wafaa Bilal, organised by The Back Room and Sazmanab, and sponsored by Aaran Gallery in Tehran. Twelve Iranian emerging artists and performers presented their recent works in progress and discussed issues related to […]

Siting Performance ⧚ Richard Schechner

A two-day workshop with Richard Schechner, where artists, writers, and performers in Tehran and NYC discussed contemporary performance art practices, new media, and citizenship. Led by Richard Schechner, with Ava Ansari, Bavand Behpoor, and Molly […]

Much Love from Tehran

Live audio/visual performances and simultaneous music collaborations via the internet by Photomat, Pooya Payvar (Stonail), and SAROSEDA at Sazmanab and the Danish punk rock band Dansk Fløde at B&K Projects in Copenhagen, Denmark, organised by […]

Nomadic Streaming at Art Basel

A free-form broadcasting experiment took place on June 16, 2010 with aethernauts transmitting live from Art Basel, the International Art Fair in Basel and from other locations around the world including Tehran and Sydney. aether9 […]

Capturing Dimitra ⧚ Dimitra Natskouli

Performance by Dimitra Natskouli Organised by Bavand Behpoor Photographers, video artists and painters were invited to capture Dimitra Natskouli as she performed her performance art inspired by her short stay in Tehran. Wednesday, August 26, […]