Marie-Line van Vuuren

Marie-Line van Vuuren (b. 1961, France), has lived in the Netherlands since 1986. Her conceptual work is inspired by the Western culture and responds to social developments. Environment and history are reoccurring topics in her […]

Julie Vayssière

Julie Vayssière was born in 1979 in Toulouse, France. She lives and works in Paris. Her work consists of photographs, videos and text taken from streets, vitrines, websites, her close friends and family. She prefers […]

Dejan Kaludjerović

Dejan Kaludjerović was born in Belgrade, ex-Yugoslavia. For his achievements in visual arts, Kaludjerović was granted Austrian citizenship. He was studying in the class of Erwin Wurm at the Academy of Applied Arts, also in […]

Mark Allen

Mark Allen is the founder and executive director of Machine Project, a non-profit performance and installation space investigating art, technology, natural history, science, music, literature, and food in an informal storefront in the Echo Park […]

Jon Rubin

Jon Rubin is an interdisciplinary artist who creates interventions into public life that re-imagines individual, group and institutional behaviour. His projects include starting a radio station in an abandoned neighbourhood that only plays the sound […]

Ala Ebtekar

Ala Ebtekar (b. 1978) is an American-based artist, researcher, and educator who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is known primarily for his work in painting, drawing, and installation that explores the juncture […]

Thomas Jeppe

Thomas Jeppe, born in 1984 in Australia, holds a Masters Degree in Visual Arts from the Victorian College of Arts and an Honors degree in Cultural Studies from the University of Melbourne. Through painting, sculpture […]

Reza Aramesh

Reza Aramesh was born in Iran and has lived abroad since he was a teenager. He completed his MA in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths University, London in 1997. He has exhibited worldwide including UK, France, […]

Mette Juul

Mette Juul is a prize-winning Danish photographer educated in the UK. She has a background in filmmaking and has exhibited in Denmark, Germany, China and the UK. Juul’s work is based on the idea of […]

Manuel Buerger

Manuel Buerger runs a design laboratory in Berlin and works with clients all around the world. Buerger’s design practice is indicated by many-layered narratives which challenge the viewers in deconstruction and construction of meaning. In […]

Lena Lapschina

Lena Lapschina was born in Kurgan, Siberia and currently lives and works in Vienna and Lower Austria. She is also co-founder of State of the Art magazine and curator for M21 (Museum Of The Twenty-First […]

Ksenia Sorokina

Born in 1986 in Astrakhan, Ksenia Sorokina graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts in Moscow. Ksenia works on mechanisms of communication and creates site-specific performances. During her residency at Sazmanab, Ksenia and her […]

Ben Puah

Born in Singapore in 1976, Ben Puah studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and LASALLE College of the Arts. He received his BFA from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2000. In […]

Anahita Razmi

Anahita Razmi is a visual artist based in Berlin mainly working with video, installation, new media and performance. Her work reconsiders visual memory, stereotypes, and standards between Orient and Occident. Recent and upcoming exhibitions include: […]

Daniel Kötter

Daniel Kötter, born 1975, is a director and video artist with a particular interest in multi-channel video installations and alternative concert formats. Daniel takes on the role of director, filmmaker, researcher or composer to relate […]

Rybon International Residency

Rybon International Artists’ Workshop brought together artists from all around the world to create new works and explore long-term possibilities. Participating artists: Ali Cherri (Lebanon), Amin Davaie (Iran), Sarah Hatahet (Jordan), Katayoun Karami (Iran), Babak […]

İsmail Egler

İsmail Egler was born in 1983 in Istanbul. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University in Istanbul and holds an MA in Interactive Media Design from the Yıldız Technical University in […]

Kardelen Fincancı

Kardelen Fincancı was born in 1985 in Istanbul. She graduated from the Plastic Arts Department at the Kocaeli University in Istanbul and holds an MA in Art and Design from the Yildiz Technical University in […]

Maryam Taghavi

Maryam Taghavi graduated from Emily Carr University, Vancouver in 2008 and since then has been experimenting across diverse mediums, ranging from drawing, performance, sculpture and site-specific installation; nonetheless, issues surrounding adaptation, displacement and collapse remain […]

Katharina Stadler

Katharina Stadler is a Vienna born conceptual artist, curator and founder of ‘Concept and Theory – Tbilisi’. She studied Music, Theater and Cultural Communication studies at Humboldt University in Berlin, graduating with a thesis on […]

Hiwa K

Hiwa K was born in Kurdistan-Northern Iraq in 1975. His informal studies in his hometown Sulaymaniyah were focused on European literature and philosophy, learnt from available books translated into Arabic. After moving to Germany in […]

Tanaz Modabber

Tanaz Modabber was born in Tehran, Iran. She studied at University of California, Berkeley and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture and a Master’s degree in Architecture. She currently lives in Berlin where […]

Slavs and Tatars

Slavs and Tatars is a faction of polemics and intimacies devoted to an area east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China known as Eurasia. The collective’s practice is […]