Curated by Joseph Del Pesco (US) and Sohrab Kashani (Iran)

Six artist videos, presented in three pairs, each stand alone, yet they are linked by the use of extra-diegetic audio—a layer beyond the sound that syncs up with what we see. One of the most prevalent examples of this added layer is the voice of the narrator, which is often used as an expository accompaniment, supporting the narrative in cinema. However, in these videos, the voice-over has been reimagined as a vehicle for interpretation and reflection, questions and provocations. The speaker who is heard as voice-over is never seen, and the language is suggestive of a complex and at times abstract inner world.

Each pair brings together an American and an Iranian artist, echoing the bi-location of Sazmanab’s exhibition venue in Tehran, and its mirror in The Other Apartment at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh. While the pairs are presented without thematic labels, close attention reveals associations between each duo; a description of the activities of a single person, mythological atmospheres, and a weaving of poetic rhythm and visual memory.

Artists include Morehshin Allahyari, Alex Da Corte, Arash Fayez, Sara Magenheimer, Siavash Naghshbandi, and Beatriz Santiago Muñoz.

Part 1
Siavash Naghshbandi (Iran)
Daily Life of Human (2019)
Alex Da Corte (United States)
Slow Graffiti (2017)

Part 2
Morehshin Allahyari (Iran)
She Who Sees the Unknown: Huma (2016)
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz (Puerto Rico)
La cabeza mató a todos (The Head that Killed Everyone) (2014)

Part 3
Arash Fayez (Iran)
Three, Rather Than Two (or One) (2019)
Sara Magenheimer (United States)
Art and Theft (2017)

Sazmanab ⧚ The Water Department is located simultaneously in artist-curator Sohrab Kashani’s apartment in Tehran (Museum of Sohrab) and at the Mattress Factory Museum in Pittsburgh.
As part of a collaboration, called The Other Apartment, between Sohrab and Pittsburgh-based artist Jon Rubin, The Mattress Factory Museum is housing an exact replica of Sohrab’s apartment and all of its contents built meticulously by a team of fabricators in Pittsburgh. Located in both the US and Iran, Sazmanab ⧚ The Water Department produces exhibitions, programs, and events where every object, video, and performance that happens in one space is meticulously duplicated for the other.

The exhibition is made possible with support from Creative Capital and Video Data Bank.

September 27 – November 29, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, September 27, 2019 – 4-9 PM

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