Khaghani St.

Art History ⧚ Julie Vayssière

For the first presentation of her performance “Art History” in Iran (after the Ricard Foundation in Paris and Schaufenster in Sélestat), Sazmanab artist-in-residence Julie Vayssière chose to work the way she always does; by asking […]

Tehran Documentary Forum session#2

On September 15, 2015, curator Reza Haeri, Mohammadreza Farzad, and Pooria Jahanshad discussed “Metaphor and Politics: The Tehran Retrospective of Harun Farocki” at Sazmanab. Harun Farocki (1944-2014) was born in German-annexed Czechoslovakia. From 1966 to […]

Peter Freund

On Thursday, August 27, 2015, Peter Freund talked about his recent exhibition at Sazmanab. Peter Freund is a media artist, curator, and scholar based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As an artist, Freund works […]

Iran USA ⧚ Peter Freund

Sazmanab presented three works of video art by Peter Freund in which sketch poetic overlapped between the histories of Iran and the USA. Acorus Calamus (2012) In Farsi with English subtitles Single-channel video 10:00 A […]

Stephen Young

On Sunday, August 16, 2015, Stephen Young talked about his exhibition at Sazmanab. The exhibition highlighted the patterns and similarities that occur at very different scales in the natural world through images taken by satellite […]

The weather was good ⧚ Bart Van Dijck

The weather was good – 2015, 60 min A film by Bart Van Dijck Belgian artist Bart Van Dijck explores local folklore and cultural identity. His video “The weather was good” compiles scenes from folk […]

Conversations: Iran

Dejan Kaludjerović’s first solo exhibition in Iran “Conversations – Iran” at Sazmanab presented six channel sound / site specific installation Sand Box from the series: Conversations: Hula-hoops, Elastics, Marbles and Sand. The “Conversations” series of […]

Docufiction in Werner Herzog’s Recent Films

Ever since his early career in the heydays of the new German cinema, Werner Herzog’s fiction and documentary films have centred on characters whose actions, usually undertaken in hostile environments in the most remote corners […]

Re-Shape #1: Design/Code

Re-shape Tehran aims to bring creative people from different fields who are interested in experimenting with technology together; artists, engineers, musicians, electricians, software developers, and others. This was the debut event for Re-Shape Tehran. This […]

Centrefold Project: Spring of recession

Centrefold, a project by Reza Aramesh is a collaborative publication in scrapbook format, produced as a limited edition of no more than 41 copies. Born in 2003 from a curatorial project titled Wooden Hearts, Centrefold […]

Marco Djermaghian

On the occasion of his recent exhibition at Sazmanab, Marco Djermaghian spoke about the idea of one to one scale through tactile materiality, the act of making things and its relation to the scale of […]

A Portal Between Washington D.C. & Tehran

Portals are gold shipping containers with immersive audio and video technology inside. When you enter one, you come face-to-face with someone in the other container, full-body, and the two converse live as if in the […]

Doing stuff with people: Mark Allen and Jon Rubin

Mark Allen is the founder and executive director of Machine Project, a non-profit performance and installation space investigating art, technology, natural history, science, music, literature, and food in an informal storefront in the Echo Park […]

Photobook Tehran

Photobook Tehran is an initiative focused on fostering the culture of photobook making and collection. Its first exhibition was presented simultaneously in Tehran and New York. A number of newly-acquired photobooks from Iran were exhibited […]

But Meaning… ⧚ Marco Djermaghian

But Meaning… is a one-to-one scale prototype of a garden design and the stage of a dialogue between the mind and love. While borrowing the language of painting, sculpture, architecture and video, the piece works […]

Temple of Potato ⧚ Bahar Sabet

Exhibition by Bahar Sabet “Darkling Beetle is part of Mealworm’s life cycle. Mealworms go through four different phases in their lifetime: Egg, Larvae, Pupa, and adult Beetle. Mealworms are a great source of protein and […]

Ghazaleh Hedayat’s “Bygones”

Panel discussion revolving around Ghazaleh Hedayat’s exhibition at ag Galerie, “Bygones” with Majid Akhgar, Hadi Azari, and Zanyar Bolouri “Skin is the layer with which one feels the outside world. This bonding layer has always […]

Mohammadreza Mirzaei

On the occasion of his recent exhibition at O Gallery, Mohammadreza Mirzaei spoke about his work with a focus on his recently published photobook and his two latest exhibitions at O Gallery and No.6 Gallery […]

Beginnings of Conversation

How does a conversation transform from an informal encounter to a public moment? The evening proposed a public event with a group of artists-designers-students of the Dutch Art Institute and Werkplaats Typografie in conversation with […]

Ala Ebtekar in conversation with Ahoo Najafian

On Saturday, April 18, 2015, Sazmanab artist-in-residence Ala Ebtekar in conversation with Ahoo Najafian discussed Ebtekar’s recent exhibition at The Third Line “nowheresville \ ‘nä-kōja,-abäd \” and the themes around which the exhibition was conceived; […]

Cinétracts by Other Means: Notes from Tehran

Roaming Academy – Doreen Mende and The Otolith Group presented: Cinétracts by Other Means: Notes from Tehran in collaboration with art research space Sazmanab in Tehran and Sohrab Kashani, and with art research graduate Zohreh […]

Manuel Buerger

Manuel Buerger runs a design laboratory in Berlin and works with clients all around the world. Buerger’s design practice is indicated by many-layered narratives which challenge the viewers in deconstruction and construction of meaning. In […]

Thomas Jeppe

On the occasion of his exhibition at Sazmanab, Australian artist Thomas Jeppe spoke about his work and the process behind “Abstract Journalism”; a working methodology characterised by earnest research and willful divergence, structured by the […]

Compass Trouble Again ⧚ Thomas Jeppe

Compass Trouble Again focused on cultural histories, vernacular aesthetics, and semantic reconstruction. It was the thematic follow-up to Compass Trouble, which was held in Guadalajara Mexico in May 2014. This second iteration of the exhibition […]

A Portal Between New Haven & Tehran

Portals are gold shipping containers with immersive audio and video technology inside. When you enter one, you come face-to-face with someone in the other container, full-body, and the two converse live as if in the […]

At 11:08 March 14th, 2006 ⧚ Reza Aramesh

Sazmanab-Ab/Anbar presented the exhibition “At 11:08 March 14th, 2006” by the London-based artist Reza Aramesh. The title was taken from an event on Tuesday, March 14th, 2006 when Israeli forces raided a Palestinian prison camp […]


Maquette – 2014, 70 min A film by Hamed Sahihi Set in an imaginary world similar to those of classic Science-Fiction movies, Maquette tells the story of two inventors who embark on creating inventions in […]

Tehran Monoxide at Zohre-No Pharmacy

Artist Negar Farajiani and scholar Behzad Khosravi talked about Tehran Monoxide‘s recent installment at Zohre-No Pharmacy and showed its documentation photos and videos. Tehran Monoxide is an artistic, socio-cultural and environmental project that is focused […]

Distance ⧚ Farhad Kalantary

Farhad Kalantary talked about his recent exhibition at Sazmanab. Farhad Kalantary, born in Tabriz (Iran, 1962), is an artist and curator whose work focuses on film and video. He studied video and filmmaking at Laney […]

Anahita Razmi’s videos

On November 24, 2014, Sazmanab held a one-night-only special screening of a selection of video works by artist Anahita Razmi. Anahita Razmi is a visual artist based in Berlin mainly working with video, installation, new […]

Anahita Razmi

Anahita Razmi talked about her recent exhibition at Sazmanab-Ab/Anbar. Anahita Razmi is a visual artist based in Berlin mainly working with video, installation, new media and performance. Her work reconsiders visual memory, stereotypes, and standards […]

Some Links, Some Projections ⧚ Anahita Razmi

Sazmanab-Ab/Anbar presented the exhibition “Some Links, Some Projections” by the Berlin-based artist Anahita Razmi. The exhibition, “Some Links, Some Projections,” brought together new works by Anahita Razmi, most of which conceived for the occasion. Dealing […]

Stars of Urmia ⧚ Farhad Kalantary

Sazmanab presented the exhibition “Stars of Urmia” by the Oslo-based artist Farhad Kalantary. Stars of Urmia was a video installation with its visuals composed of several layers of rotating imagery moving with varying speeds and […]

The Call ⧚ Mette Juul

Sazmanab presented a two-part video screening by Sazmanab artist-in-residence Mette Juul. Mette Juul is a prize-winning Danish photographer educated in the UK. She has a background in filmmaking and has exhibited in Denmark, Germany, China […]

The Creative Act ⧚ Babak Golkar

On November 6, 2014, Sazmanab hosted a workshop led by exhibiting artist Babak Golkar via Skype. Babak Golkar was born in Berkeley in 1977. He spent most of his formative years in Tehran until 1996 […]

Babak Golkar

Exhibiting artist Babak Golkar and curator Elham Puriyamehr discussed their exhibition at Sazmanab-Ab/Anbar and answered questions from the audience. Babak Golkar was born in Berkeley in 1977. He spent most of his formative years in […]

Of Labour, Of Dirt ⧚ Babak Golkar

Sazmanab-Ab/Anbar presented the exhibition Of Labour, Of Dirt by the Vancouver-based artist Babak Golkar, curated by Elham Puriyamehr. Marking the opening of the new Sazmanab centre and the Ab-Anbar gallery, Golkar’s exhibition engaged the entire […]