Paradoxes in Video

Curated by Larry Caveney and Sohrab Kashani Organised in collaboration with GARAGE 4141 Paradoxes in Video investigated the contradictions between documentary and performance, fact and fiction, order and chaos. What is real and what is […]

Molla Nasreddin ⧚ Slavs and Tatars

Presentation by Slavs and Tatars (artists-in-residence) Slavs and Tatars presented “Molla Nasreddin: the magazine that would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.” It features a selection of the most iconic covers, illustrations and caricatures from the legendary Azeri satirical […]

Performance on Trial

In conjunction with Performa, Wafaa Bilal and Shirin Neshat discussed their recent works at the time — A Call and OverRuled. These two performances engaged and questioned the act of bearing witness. Their audiences, too, […]

Dynamic Encounters ⧚ Wafaa Bilal

Facilitated by Wafaa Bilal, organised by The Back Room and Sazmanab, and sponsored by Aaran Gallery in Tehran. Twelve Iranian emerging artists and performers presented their recent works in progress and discussed issues related to […]

TVDinner Tehran

TVDinner was an iteration of OtherIS video series focused on the US-sanctioned countries — Belarus, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Myanmar/Burma, and Zimbabwe. TVDinner launched on July 30, […]

Date with the SObject

Date with the SObject was an ongoing project by Farhad Bahram in Tehran; it was a socially-engaged performance that examined the various possible interconnections between two Subjects and an Object; the object being a bond […]

Siting Performance ⧚ Richard Schechner

A two-day workshop with Richard Schechner, where artists, writers, and performers in Tehran and NYC discussed contemporary performance art practices, new media, and citizenship. Led by Richard Schechner, with Ava Ansari, Bavand Behpoor, and Molly […]

Susann Wintsch

Presentation by Susann Wintsch (curator-in-residence) Susann Wintsch curates TREIBSAND. She studied Art History and Comparative Literature at the University of Zurich and teaches and lectures at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK. In 2013 she curated […]