Sazmanab The Water Department is located simultaneously in artist-curator Sohrab Kashani’s apartment in Tehran (Museum of Sohrab) and at the Mattress Factory Museum in Pittsburgh.

As part of a collaboration, called The Other Apartment, between Sohrab and Pittsburgh-based artist Jon Rubin, The Mattress Factory Museum is housing an exact replica of Sohrab’s apartment and all of its contents built meticulously by a team of fabricators in Pittsburgh. Located in both the US and Iran, Sazmanab The Water Department produces exhibitions, programs, and events where every object, video, and performance that happens in one space is meticulously duplicated for the other. For the run of the project, what has historically been called Sazmanab is now called Sazmanab The Water Department in a nod to the two versions of the same venue and is being directed by Sohrab and Jon.

Sazmanab is a curatorial platform that originally started as an art space and residency programme in Tehran in 2008 by artist-curator Sohrab Kashani. Sazmanab creates curatorial projects and supports artistic work in a wide range of media through exhibitions, residencies for artists, curators and researchers, workshops, and talks.


Sohrab Kashani

Sohrab Kashani
Jon Rubin

Sohrab Kashani
Jon Rubin
Golnoosh Heshmati


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